About Us

Our Vision

We believe in the beauty of sustainably grown food.

Everybody — including you — should be able to walk into the kitchen and sit down at the table to eat fresh local food that sustains you, preserves our natural environment, supports our local farmers, and gives you more energy to live a complete, healthy, and happy life. 

If we are what we eat, then it all begins with food.


Our 3 Core Values

Core Value 1: Always Local.

  • Half of Prince Edward Island is farmland — that's HALF A MILLION ACRES. We easily produce more than enough food every year that the vast majority of the food we eat could come from Island soil. That's our long-term vision for PEI.

  • If we can't source something from a PEI producer, we will source it from Atlantic Canada, or else we don't source it at all. That's our promise to you.
  • One major benefit of buying from local farms is that your food isn't shipped from hundreds or even thousands of kilometres before it hits your plate, so it's often the same price or even better than in big box stores. And since food starts losing nutrients as soon as it's harvested, local food is WAY fresher! That means it's more nutritious, tastes better, and lasts longer.

Core Value 2: Farmers Make A Livelihood

  • Our mission is to help our local sustainable farmers, our neighbours, make a living off the land by putting their food into the hands of Islanders.

  • We pay our farmers a fair price for the food they work hard to produce and we keep our prices low by reducing food waste. We don't believe in the "race to the bottom" model of big box stores because it cuts prices and only hurts farmers in the end.

  • By helping farmers make a livelihood, we improve our food system and make PEI a better place to live.

Core Value 3: We Make An Impact by Spreading Knowledge and Creating Community Around Food

  • We give back to our community by using our connections in the local food movement to fight food waste and food insecurity on PEI.

  • We have virtually zero food waste in our business. We donate our surplus inventory to local food banks and charities whenever possible.

  • We believe nothing brings community together like food. Our events gather people around food. From open dinners, harvest parties, donation drives, to cooking classes organized with local chefs, there's always something to share, learn, or eat at Green Fork Local Food.